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Josh Myers Valuation Solutions, LLC

Statistical Software to Revolutionize Your Appraisal Process

Why CAMA Toolbox?

CAMA Toolbox is the first easy-to-use, fully-featured statistical analysis application built for the Mass Appraisal industry. It also is integrated directly to your existing CAMA system database. CAMA Toolbox gives your jurisdiction a large set of tools to meet your needs and raise your office to the next level, tools which most jurisdictions don't currently possess. CAMA Toolbox can meet your needs in three ways: by improving the accuracy and fairness of your jurisdiction's assessments, by allowing your jurisdiction to meet individual goals, and by allowing your jurisdiction to comply with IAAO standards.

Tailor-Made for Mass Appraisal

CAMA Toolbox is designed with Mass Appraisal in mind, using a combination of statistical knowledge and years of experience in the industry. This means that all the features of CAMA Toolbox are applicable to Mass Appraisal. Many other non-specific pieces of statistical software force Mass Appraisal users to figure out how to apply a generic statistical analysis function to their Mass Appraisal data, not so with CAMA Toolbox.

Amazingly User-Friendly

CAMA Toolbox is built to be intuitive and simple. Unnecessary steps are removed in order to provide users with a straight-forward path to completing an analysis. In addition, CAMA Toolbox has different levels of user access, removing functionality from those not required to access it. Many CAMA systems and pieces of statistical software are difficult to operate and so limit their overall benefit to the users.

Integrated to Your Database

CAMA Toolbox is integrated directly with your existing CAMA system database. CAMA Toolbox acts as an extension or rider. This simplifies the process of data import/export immensely. Many pieces of statistical software do not connect directly with an existing CAMA system database and therefore create headaches for their users.


CAMA Toolbox contains a robust and expanding feature set. Current features include diverse regression modeling strategies, comparable sales, and ratio analysis. CAMA Toolbox provides tools like confidence intervals that allows jurisdictions to meet IAAO Standards. Future features include more regression modeling strategies, comparable assessments, and other advanced statistical analysis to solve specific problems. Many CAMA systems and some pieces of statistical software do not contain a strong set of statistical mass appraisal tools.